Taskhive A secure p2p freelance marketplace
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Get anything done,
from anywhere.

Taskhive connects all types of workers
to fit all types of work.
No fees.

Taskhive is free for everyone.
You just pay for work.
Sell your services,
Not your identity.

Don't become a victim of ID theft.
Only share what is relevant.
Payment flexibility:
use whichever you like.

You decide the payment method right for you.
The market facilitates it.
Strong guarantee
of payment.

A strong reputation network,
smart cryptocurrencies, and optional escrow --
so you can focus on your work again.
No advertisements.
Equal opportunity.

Offers survive on their own merits.
No paid shortcuts. No spam.
Why do you
need privacy?
Privacy isn't for criminals.
It's for survival.

New technologies are radically advancing our freedoms, but they
are also enabling unparalleled invasions of privacy. Society has yet
to catch up with the evolving need for privacy that comes with new
digital technologies.

Over-sharing and trusting third-parties with indefensible amounts of
personal information has become just another part of a popular
consumer model that simultaneously converts patrons into
trackable, controllable assets for whatever entity happens to gain

Taskhive allows you to
work in private
to choose how much
to share and with whom.

Taskhive neither
collects nor shares
your information.

Your job searches and work activity may
seem private to you, but companies such
as Google and Facebook are creating a
treasure trove of personal information by
logging your online activities and making
it potentially available to any party
wielding enough cash or a subpoena.

The only solution to retain privacy is to
start limiting what is shared to begin with.

Personal identifying information including
website credentials, are stored in databases,
which are then commonly hacked and
subsequently leaked by blackhat hacker

Provided are a handful of major service
providers and the number of their accounts
hacked or leaked.